The credits system

Is it true that a certain number of credits are needed to get a degree?

You must have obtained 180 credits to get a degree

What is a credit?

A credit (which you will often see referred to as ECTS) is the base unit of the new university system.

Credits measure precisely, in work hours, the average effort that each student must make in order to sit the exam for a course or to carry out any of the activities mentioned in the study plan.

It is, therefore, clear that the number of credits attributed to each subject or activity is proportional to the complexity of the subject or the activity.

The law determines that each credit corresponds to 25 hours of work, which include: attending class, individual study, frequency of internship and all other activities listed in the study plan.

What is the recognition of credits?

The most important benefit offered by the credits system is the fact that it recognises:

  • credits from study in other Universities
  • credit from (past) activities carried out e.g. in a professional context