e-Campus University aims to grant all its students with effective support for their study method. To this end, eCampus University has set up a free Study Method Support Service (POMEST)for students who experience difficulties in passing a single exam or encounter generalised difficulties in organising and managing their studies.

The POMEST Service

eCampus University has set up the POMEST Service with the purpose of intervening in cases of difficulties sustained during the university career due to problems related to study method and organisation.

The service is available to students in the following situations:

  • students enrolled in their first year, newly enrolled (with recognition of previously acquired CFUs) or already attending Courses of Study;

  • students in possession of a specific deliberation from CABES;

  • students who have not passed the entrance test, and have to carry out the OFA pathway;

  • students who have not taken or completed exams for more than two consecutive sessions;

  • students who had to repeat the same exam two or more times without a positive outcome;

  • students who have resumed their studies after a prolonged interruption;

  • students who have encountered difficulties due to personal problems entailing non-countinuous study times and/or organizational issues;

  • students enrolled in a Master's Degree, who do not come from the Bachelor's Degree Course in line with their course of study.

Staff in charge of the Service

  • Prof. Manuela Cantoia - coordinator

  • Dott. Elisa Margani – expert


Services Offered


The Service is aimed at students who experience difficulties in their method of study or adopt ineffective study strategies or behaviours and are in need of timely intervention in support of their academic career.

The students must result regularly registered to the Bachelor's Degrees, Single Cycle Master's Degrees and Specialist Degrees of eCampus University.

The students may submit their request to access the POMEST service by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.

POMEST will examine the applications in chronological order.


The POMEST service is carried out online and in presence at the Novedrate headquarters, with interventions aimed at the support and development of the study method. In the event that, even during the course of the intervention, the students'difficulties can be traced back to a psycho-social distress impacting on their university career, the students will be advised to contact the Counselling Service or a local service in their place of origin.

The interventions provided by the POMEST Service consist in a orientation interview during which an expert carries out an assessment of the situations by administering a specific questionnaire related to strategies, cognitive styles, approach and beliefs about studying and motivation and anxiety factors. Depending on the actual difficulties detected, a series of meetings is held, preferably in small groups, initially on a weekly or fortnightly basis, for a total duration of approximately 3-5 months, even considering a meeting at a later date than the conclusion of the course, to verify the maintenance of the results achieved.



During the first interview and at the end of the service delivery, the staff of the university will provide a questionnaire to assess the characteristics of the study method and strategies used, respectively, and, at the end, the impact of the intervention.

All data will be stored in compliance with the current privacy regulations and, at the end of the intervention, it may be used in an anonymous format both to monitor and document the effectiveness of the POMEST Service's intervention method and for research purposes.


All the information provided during the intervention at the POMEST will eventually be used for research purposes, will be considered strictly confidential and their anonymity will be respected, without any personal reference. Only the operators conducting the interventions will be aware of the personal information of the participants.

All information collected will be processed in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws (Legislative Decree 196/03: Personal Data Protection Code and GDPR 2016/679: European Data Protection Regulation). The data provided will only be processed in an anonymous format and for scientific purposes and the identity of the student will not be disclosed in any way.

The data controller is Università e-Campus (hereinafter referred to as eCampus) with registered office in via Isimbardi n. 10, 22060 Novedrate (C0), Italia, P. Iva/CF. 90027520130 pec:

The Data Protection Officer can be contacted at the following address:

The provision of the study method intervention requires consent both to the intervention itself and to the processing of personal data. The intervention cannot be carried out unless both consents are given. By agreeing to receive the intervention as described above and consenting to the processing of personal data, the student will be contacted by e-mail by an operator of the Service who will provide all the information to fix the date and time of the first appointment and/or to use the video communication software.

For further information on the POMEST Service please contact the coordinator (contact details below). For requests related to the data processing methods, please contact the Data Protection Officer.

- Coordinator of the Service: Prof. Manuela Cantoia

Contact Details: EMAIL:

Università eCampus, via Isimbardi 10, Novedrate (CO).


Students are aware that they can withdraw from the service at any time, without explanation, without penalty and by obtaining non-use of the data.

Students are aware that participation in the activities of the Service is completely free and separate from any other services that may be offered and carried out by eCampus University.