Procedure - Alias Career

eCampus University established the Alias Careers to promote the well-being and inclusion of all the members of the academic community; as well as to ensure a fully inclusive environment, within which all fundamental rights and differences, including those related to gender identity and sexual orientation, are respected; and to ensure the physical and psychological well-being of every student and worker.

The alias career allows the students of eCampus University to assume a provisional, transitory and non-consolidable identity (Alias) while carrying out study or work activities within eCampus University.

Who can apply for the activation of the Alias Career?

Any person who participates in the eCampus university community: the students and the academic staff.

When can the students submit the application?

The students may submit the request application of the Alias career at any time after registration or activation of the contract.

Who is in charge of the management of the Alias careers?

The management of the Alias careers is entrusted to two reference figures:

  • Academic contact person, Dr. Laura Panizza, in charge of following the person interested in activating the Alias career during the academic or career pathway.
  • Administrative contact person, Dr. Stella Martina, deals with the administrative management of the Alias career.

How can I activate an Alias career?

The person must submit an application to the Rector, enclosing the completed Alias career activation form and a valid identity document.

Upon obtainment of a favourable assessment, the person must sign the Confidentiality Agreement with eCampus University, which will be provided at a later date.


Application for the activation of an Alias Career

Regulation - Alias Career

Non-disclosure Agreement - Alias Career