Final Dissertation

This page contains of a general nature, for the guidelines of a particular faculty please refer to the specific webpages (menu on the left).

The Final Dissertation

For the attainment of the Degree/Master's Degree it is planned the composition of an original dissertation realized by the student, under the guidance of a supervisor (see the instructions for the composition of the dissertation).

The dissertation for the Master's Degree must be publicly discussed during a sitting presided over by a specific Commission.

The graduation sessions will take place at the following branches of the University: Novedrate, Padua, Florence, Rome, Naples, Bari, Cagliari, Reggio Calabria, Catania and Palermo.

For the Bachelor's Degrees (except Science of Physical Activity and Biological Sciences) there will only be a proclamation during a public ceremony.

The Regulations define the terms and the modalities for the attribution of the dissertation and criteria for the identification of the supervisor.

Before proceeding, all students are required to consult order of service no. 8..


Admission request

The Faculties will enstablish a final dissertation calendary for each year.

In order to be admitted to the final dissertation the students must have passed all the exams or, in any case, must have obtained all the credits provided for in the didactic regulation for the activities different from the final dissertation and be up to date with the university fee. It is possible, however, to discuss a final dissertation within three months of the deadline of the last year.

The activities of the procedure are:

  • SUBMISSION OF THE DISSERTATION TITLE: Once the students have received the assignment of the professor/supervisor from the SPORTELLO TESI DI FACOLTÀ (the academic office aimed at the assignment of the final dissertation), they must notify the professor via the internal messaging system within the deadlines set out in the academic calendar for the final dissertations.

    Upon agreeing on the title of the final dissertation, the professor adds the student in the section related to the title of the final dissertation.

    Once the supervisor has added the student, the latter must access the portal with their personal credentials and click on STUDENTI→SEGRETERIA STUDENTI→ LAUREA CONSEGUIMENTO TITOLO.

     The student then must complete the form on the platform in all its parts (type of dissertation, title of the proposed dissertation, co-supervisor if applicable), confirming the data at the end of the process. Once the student has completed the process, the Professor-Supervisor approves the title of the dissertation.

  • GRADUATION APPLICATION: Once the student has obtained the Supervisor's approval to deposit the degree application and the thesis, they must continue the process in the section of the portal dedicated to the graduation applications. First, they must submit the degree application, and then proceed to deposit the dissertation in the platform (final dissertation upload).

    N.B. Please note that the form related to the choice of the branch of the University where the student wants to discuss the final dissertation, must be submitted at the same time.

    The process can only be declared complete when the supervisor proceeds to authorize the submission of the graduation application and the submission of the final dissertation.

At the end of the process, the student must send a registered letter to the Degree Office in Novedrate (Via Isimbardi 10 - 22060 CO), no later than the graduation application deadline as per the faculty calendar:

  • two 16 euro revenue stamps;
  • receipt of graduation application;
  • receipt of payment of the secretarial fee of EUR 300;
  • original copy of the FORM FOR THE CHOICE OF THE BRANCH

Specific information on preparing and printing the final paper is available by consulting the guidelines for the Final Dissertation.

Tutti i moduli sono anche reperibili nella sezione Modulistica


Questionnaire for the relevation of the degree of satisfaction of the graduates

One of the activities to be carried out in order to obtain the degree is the online compilation of the “Questionario per la rilevazione del grado di soddisfazione dei laureandi”.

We intend to reassure the student on the anonymity of the questionnaire: the identity must absolutely be protected so that in any case and under no circumstance may anyone trace back to the name of the graduating student. All the data will be elaborated and transmitted in aggregate form so that the guarantee of confidentiality is maximum.

At the end of the procedure, the student must print the completion receipt and deliver it to the Student Secretariat along with the graduation application.

In order to access to the questionnaire please login to your reserved area and return to this page (students->student administration office-> final dissertation

Final examination

The final examination is the direct verification of the chievement of the educational targets provided by the degree course.

The Degree Commission gives a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate, on the basis of the outcomes of the final examination, the academic career, the completion time, eventual academic transfers from another degree course or University, etc., through the application of specific rules, independently enstablished by each Faculty.

Furthermore, the Commission is provided with another document issued by the Student Administration Office, named 'statino di laurea', where the grade point average (the tranformation of the exam's weighted average, normally expressed in thirtieths, in a 110 point-scale grading system) is reported.

The weighted average relates grades to credits: always excluding aptitudes, each grade is multiplied by the credits of the corresponding examination, the products are added together and this sum is divided by the total number of credits earned through graded examinations; the result is multiplied by '110' and then divided by 30.

La valutazione della Commissione è espressa in centodecimi.


The examination shall be intended as passed with a minimum of 66/110 points. In case of a maximum grade point (110/110), the Committee shall grant the "honors" by a unanimous decision.

The degree parchment shall be delivered to the student approximately a year from the graduation date. At the appropriate time, a notice message will be sent to the student by email at the last address provided by the student. However, it is possible to obtain a degree certificate already a few days after the completion of the final examination, accessing to the "Certificates" section of the reserved area of the eCampus portal.


Activities to be carried out in order to graduate

In order to graduete the students must acquire the following number of CFU:

300 CFU for the 'single cycle' Master's Degree Courses;

120 CFU for the Master's Degree Courses;

180 CFU for the Bachelor's Degree Courses

And shall be acquired in the following way:

1-Passing the exams provided for in the Study Plan

An exam shall be considered as passed when the student reaches a grade of at least 18/30.
All the exams shall be carried out at the presence of an Examination Committee.

2-Carrying out optional didactic activities

Each degree course provides a number of credits defined as "choice of the student", which shall be acquired:

  • by passing the exams chosen by the student within the didactic offer provided for by the University Faculty;
  • through the partecipation in initiatives carried out outside of the Faculty (Extracurricular activities), provided that they are authorized and/or certified in the manners established by the regulation of the Faculty or the Degree Course.

For the purpose of optimizing the acquisition of said credits, eCampus offers the student the possibility to choose among the 5 following areas:

Area 1. In-depht analysis, improvement, and strengthening of the basic competences.
They may also be defined as "orientation activities", since reference is made to the basic training activities of the Course. Such activities shall be destined to the students who intend to acquire a Master's Degree after the achievement of the Master's Degree.

Area 2. Activities for whoever wants to immedialtely integrate into the labour market.
The purpose is that of "stenghtening the professionalization". Reference is made to the educational activities (characterising and similar courses, stages, workshops, etc.), which allow and/or simplify the practical acquisition of the specific competences and of the professional skills.

Area 3. Area of the citizen-professional
In order to have good chances for the insertion into the labour market, the young graduate (in addition to the specific competences of the Degree Course), shall also have knowledges within the juridical, administrative and institutional fields. Let us consider, for example, the complex jurisdiction of employment, the rules regulating the access to the private practice and the registration to the various professional registers, to the financial regulation, in order to understand the necessity to strengthen this particular area.

Area 4. In-depht analysis and/or improvement of the communicative competences, skills and abilities.
The activity is aimed at the achievement of the following objectives:

  • actively participate into the dialogue with the professor consciously
  • being able to use the communication tools provided by the teacher
  • being able to to read and decode the signs
  • being able to take notes and reorganize the concepts expressed by the teacher
  • understand the relationships between message and context
  • maturing the transition from the common language to the strict, clear and technical language of the various subject matters

Area 5. Improvement of the the learning skills
The provided activities will allow the students to identify their own learning style (with reference to cognition and to metacognition) and, consequently, to reinforce the organisational capacities for an efficient and productive study method.

3-Participation into a stage or an internship

Where applicable, in order to acquire credits the student shall participate into an intership or a stage at entities, organizations, companies and public/private administration, with the modalities provided for in the Didactic Regulation of the Degree Course.

4-Preparation and discussion of the final dissertation

A determined number of credits shall be attributed also to the time which the student employs for the preparation of the final dissertation (or final examination) shall consist in:

  • nthe discussion of a final dissertation relevant to the subject matters of the degree course;
  • the presentation of a report concerning the eventual experiences acquire during the internship or stage period referred to in the present information.