Online Certifications

The student shall obtain in any moment the online certificates relating to the examinations completed, to the acquired qualifications and to the amounts paid during the calendar year.

The online certificates are digitally signed by the University, granting their authenticity and integrity.

The electronic seal is a two-dimensional code, which looks like a gray band and contains the whole document.

In order to access to the service the student must enter the credentials for the access to the eCampus reserved area; the stundent who does not have/must recover the credentials may turn to the Student's Administration Office.

Please note that pursuant to the Stability Law of 1 January 2012, within the reletionships with regard to the public administration organs and the public services, the certificates and the notory acts shall always be replaced with the statements made in accordance with articles 46 and 47 of D.P.R. 445/2000 (self-certification). The public administration shall be required to accept them, reserving their right to control and verify the veracity of their content.